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New antiislam tirade from Donald Trump

New antiislam tirade from Donald Trump

The four candidates in Republican primaries, whose favorite Donald Trump were all in Florida on Thursday for a new debate, last occasion for the local Senator Marco Rubio to address millions of viewers before Tuesday's vote.

The billionaire is said at home in this state where he has three golf courses and several properties in his name, and where polls give the favorite. The debate was held at the University of Miami from 8:30 p.m. (1:30 GMT) on CNN.

Donald Trump is again taken to Islam in an interview Wednesday night after a question from the star journalist Anderson Cooper chain who asked him if he thought Islam was at war against the West.

"I think that Islam hates us. There is a kind of enormous hatred there. There is an immense hatred. We must get to the bottom of things. There is an incredible hatred against us, "said Donald Trump.

Islam or radical Islam?, Then asked the reporter.

"Radical, but it is very difficult to define. It is very difficult to distinguish, because we do not know who is who, "said the candidate.

After almost six weeks of primary, Donald Trump, 69, is leading the number of harvested delegates, with 461 of the 1,237 needed to clinch the nomination at the Cleveland convention in July, according to CNN's count, before Senator Ted Cruz of Texas (360), Marco Rubio (154) and the governor of Ohio, John Kasich (54).

The "Super Tuesday" bis next Tuesday will see five large states vote: Florida, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, with 358 delegates to the key - in the first three, the winner will receive all delegates, according to a rule authorized by the Republican party to accelerate the coronation of favorite.

"If I win the two, it's over," assured Donald Trump about Ohio and Florida, in which John Kasich and Marco Rubio are betting their survival.

The Rubio camp has been forced to deny rumors that the Florida senator was about to throw in the towel, face the bad polls in his own state.

"I do not give up, I will fight to the end, we will win Florida!" Assured Marco Rubio, exclusively focused on his state this week on Fox News.

But with two small victories to his credit over 24, the rising star of the former party expressed regret for taking on Donald Trump with worthy mockery of schoolyards, on the appearance or size of hands of the billionaire.

Anti-Republican Trump invest significantly since last week to stem the tide Trump, but with little effect to date.

Despite the attacks and the Areopagus of conservative personalities who disavowed, including Mitt Romney, the businessman has won three out of four primary Tuesday, and polls are looking good in Florida and Illinois. In Ohio, it is neck and neck with John Kasich in the four surveys conducted in March.

Negative ads have invaded Florida television screens. The organization American Future Fund, an independent candidate, said he had already spent three million dollars in a campaign of former students testify to the former "Trump University", these courses and seminars that are now worth two complaints to the candidate partnership.

"It's the story of my life, all the people who attack me have failed," said Donald Trump on CNN.

The Republican Party was torn between rejection, acceptance and resignation to the prospect of a Trump presidential candidate in November.

An exegesis of the movement that led to his rise began, the populism of the businessman finding its roots in the rejection of the elites in the heart of the movement of the Tea Party, born at the beginning of the mandate of Barack Obama, in 2009 and 2010.

Conservative columnist Ross Douthat New York Times even suggested that Trump was the unexpected result of progressive excess of the Obama era. The prosecution has boosted the US president.

"Republicans have accused me of a lot of things, but be responsible for their primary and candidate they will choose, it's original," rejected Barack Obama.

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