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Australia declared war on biker gangs

Australia declared war on biker gangs

Australia on Friday said the war on biker gangs and canceled the visas of more than dozens of foreign riders to fight against drug trafficking and weapons and activities of racketeering and money laundering.

The Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said Friday that the administration had canceled or denied visas to 81 bikers from the middle of 2014. Twenty-seven were expelled, others have been arrested or are in centers retention.

Bikers targeted by these measures include a New Zealand citizen, British, Bosnian, Albanian, Iraqi, Afghan or Vietnamese.

"Our government is pleased to declare war to members of motorcycle gangs outside-the-law", said the minister, adding that they made "life impossible for thousands of Australians."

Biker gangs are a growing security threat to Australia, police said. According to experts, the rival gangs fighting for control of drug trafficking, including methamphetamine, and the sale of weapons and explosives.

The government counts 38 active gangs bringing together 4,500 members, most notably the Comancheros, Rebels, the Hells Angels and the Mongols.

These bands are "the face of organized crime in Australia," said the Minister of Justice, Michael Keenan.

"I am convinced that these visa refusal or cancellation disrupt the activity of criminal organizations by removing key individuals of their hierarchy," Dutton said.

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