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Miley Cyrus wants a flashy wedding!

Miley Cyrus wants a flashy wedding!

Miley Cyrus wants his future marriage or "exuberant".

After meeting with Liam Hemsworth on the set of "The Last Song" in 2009, the singer and the actor were engaged in 2012 before splitting the following year.

However, since January, it would question they are found and Miley Cyrus have moved in with her boyfriend, which she carries back the ring he had given her three years ago to propose to her.

Today, a friend of the singer has even said she was already thinking about her wedding, and she could appeal to the famous wedding planner Kevin Lee to organize.

"Everyone knows that Miley loves fiestas and her marriage will not be different, the source explained to Heat Magazine. Miley is so happy to marry Liam she wants everything to be perfect and fun. "

According to the witness, the marriage should take place in Los Angeles to allow the four dogs Miley Cyrus - Milky, Bean, Mary Jane and Happy - to participate.

"His dogs will party too, and she even organized them a small event to the groomer, the source added. She specifically requested that they be placed on the table. "

Apparently she had already asked the creator Simon Jacquemus draw her different outfits.

"She wants there to be 5 held throughout the day and will be pink for", was eventually assigned the source.

Besides that, the future marriage also delights Dolly Parton, who is very impatient happens.

"I was very happy to learn that they had met, because I know that they were both very sad to have separated," said the godmother of Miley Cyrus on Entertainment Tonight.

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