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Divides parking

Divides parking

Parking folder divides Montrealers while some hope that with its new policy, the city offers more free parking, others feel that it should instead take the opportunity to price the more.

Thursday, the City's Transportation Committee continued its series of public consultations on parking.

If all agree that parking is a commodity increasingly rare, not everyone agrees on the price to pay to get a space.

thorny issue in the Plateau-Mont-Royal, they are mostly citizens of this district who came to the microphone Thursday.

Some went to offer free travel on commercial streets on weekends.

"If we want to revitalize the arteries would require that parking is free on Saturdays and Sundays to encourage travel and bring people back," pleaded Suzanne Craig, a resident of Plateau, which estimates that the cost of parking is currently too dear in his neighborhood.

Others see instead an opportunity to rethink the use of public space.

"The public space must cease to be seen as an" open bar "for motorists", said Felix Gravel, responsible for transport campaigns Regional Council of Montreal Environment (CRE-MTL).

The Business Development Corporation of Mount Royal Avenue (SDAMR) has in turn offered the short-term parking.

"Parking areas could be offered less than 15 minutes, which respond to the rotation principle is sought and that would allow motorists to make short boards," said Charles-Olivier Mercier, Director-General of the SDAMR.

Eight submissions from citizens and organizations were filed Thursday.

The Transport Committee will continue hearing submissions from citizens and organizations, Tuesday, March 15, at 14h.

Recall that in December, the City of Montreal has announced that it wishes to simplify parking.

Mayor Denis Coderre wants to take control of one of the most difficult parking related issues by imposing a single policy that provides particular to harmonize the thumbnails.

In the presentation of the first version of its policy, the city says it wants to install digital billboards in different areas to inform motorists about the number of spaces available for parking and the directions to follow to get there.

measures planned
- Harmonization of vignettes

- Simplification of the signaling

- Creation of a new municipal parking management organization

- Dynamic display

- Mobile Apps

Proposals submitted to the committee
- Change thumbnail parking restriction times (eg 17h to 23h instead of 9h to 23h as is currently the case in the Plateau-Mont-Royal) - Committee 151 residents and business people of Petit Laurel

- Deployment of car sharing throughout Montreal dedicating of parking spaces for vehicles in self-service - CRE-MTL

- Eliminate parking spaces located within five meters of intersections for better cohabitation of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists - Pedestrians Quebec

- Develop a guide Parklet / Placottoir to use public spaces for purposes other than parking - ADUQ

- Implement free parking areas short on commercial arteries - Business Development Corporation of the Avenue du Mont-Royal

- Free parking on weekends

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