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The taxi industry demand special legislation

The taxi industry demand special legislation

The taxi industry asked the government to introduce special legislation to put Uber pitch as soon as possible.

"It is urgent to stop the illegality of Uber. This is not the time to paint the bathroom when the house is on fire. It takes a special law, "commented the spokesperson of taxi drivers and former transport minister, Guy Chevrette, at a news conference in Quebec City on Friday.

Mr. Chevrette was reacting to the solution advanced by the current Minister of Transport, Jacques Daoust, Thursday to end the crisis in the industry. On the one hand, Mr. Daoust will gradually redeem taxi permits to stop the secondary market. On the other, it proposes to force Uber to let these permits to continue to operate, which would fund the operation.

Guy Chevrette did not object, even if he has several questions. "The price of permits differ from one region to another. Does the lease permit will also differentiated by sector? We do not know, "he began.

It is however pleased that the government wants to force Uber to respect Quebec regulations. Jacques Daoust was very clear about this. "UberX always have the right to lease and license to use them. But, basically, it is not true that we will continue to say, "You do not need a permit, '" he said Thursday.

He also intends to amend the law to eliminate the gray area where US-based cache, which defines its business model as "urban carpooling."

It is on this point that Mr. Charrette wants quick action. "I have been a minister, I know what is what. Before being deposited, a bill must pass through several parliamentary committees. We did not this time, there are people who are about to die, who lost 30% of their income, "he began.

He is willing to support then a second bill that would reform the taxi industry. "Those who say we are sclerotic, they are wrong, we are ready to change," he added.

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