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Excellent Ethan Hawke in "Born to be Blue"

Excellent Ethan Hawke in "Born to be Blue"

Ethan Hawke is impressive in this half-real version of the mid-imagined jazz musician Chet Baker.

"Born to be Blue," written and directed by Canadian Robert Budreau, is not a biopic like the others. Rather than a linear story about the life of Chet Baker, the filmmaker takes us into an exercise that sometimes recalls the strange "I'm Not There" (2007) Todd Haynes

Italy, 1966. Chet Baker (Ethan Hawke) languishing in a prison, hallucinations victim when the Hollywood director brings home to give it its own role in a biographical feature film. Then, the first back in time - black and white - in 1954, when Chet Baker plays New York Birdman before Miles Davis (Kedar Brown).

Obviously, a feature film on Chet Baker can not miss the man's heroin addiction - which is amply demonstrated - or his love of women, the character of his girlfriend Jane (Carmen Ejogo) is a mosaic of multiple loves trumpeter.

Difficult to sort fact from fiction in "Born to be Blue" Robert Budreau never wanted to present a biography in the strict sense. The time (true) where Chet, a victim of his dope dealer loses its teeth is also shown, although the primary reason for the attack was never clearly determined. Similarly, producer Dick Bock (played by Canadian Callum Keith Rennie, well known for his roles in "Californication" or "Battlestar Galactica") has indeed existed, remains whether his relationship with Chet is the one described in the film.

But, once you stop wanting absolute links with reality, "Born to be Blue" stands out as a long poetic film, working in small steps (or notes, to remain in the subject), which allows us to capture the soul of Chet Baker. Remarkably filmed and played - all players are perfect, Ethan Hawke deserve special mention - "Born to be Blue" is obviously also a work for music lovers who appreciate the rendering of the unique sound of Chet Baker.

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