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Ariane Moffatt put on passion, work and humility

Ariane Moffatt put on passion, work and humility

After coach in the first season of "The Voice", Ariane Moffatt has agreed to return to his red chair. Very comfortable in this role, she says take a great pleasure to work with artists from all backgrounds and of all ages.

Ariane Moffatt admits she feels much more comfortable in his role this season. "I'm in a known environment, with more pins. I knew more what I was getting into. The first year was more stressful because we had no idea how people were going to receive the broadcast. I also wondered how I would find myself in a very public issue. This year I am more a note of fun and lightness, surrounded by friends like Peter or Diane. I also think that it shows on screen. "


Diversity is the word that immediately comes to mind of the coach Ariane Moffatt to describe his team. "They all have their own and different artistic universe, whether Soran, who is 16, Martin a voice completely elsewhere or Rafaëlle Lafrance, who is in his fifties. These are all good living, friendly people, it's very family friendly. "

Each of the team members has a different experience in the music, but there is one point on which she wants to emphasize as a coach.

"It is humility in relation to music and relative to this adventure remains a big TV show and does not guarantee future career. They must seize the chance to evolve as an artist and as a person through it while remaining in simplicity. I also want to remind them that what makes the difference is the amount of energy and work that we put in our business. This is perhaps going to do that in the end, it will stand out. "

In return, Ariane thinks that candidates make him find his first ambition. "They bring me a kind of reminder of the intensity of passion you can have when you have a dream. They take me back to this side we sometimes forget when doing this job. They remind me of the flame which animates me, which is the basis of everything, the desire to sing and to live his passion. It gives a freshness that makes me realize how privileged we are to live our passion. "


In addition to support its candidates in the coming direct, Ariane Moffatt continues its tour "10:22 p.m." across the province, the first since she has children. "Children are more to come with me over the summer. The family will tour festivals with me, maybe we're going to rent a motor home and mix it with the summer holidays. I go still often at home when I play on the outskirts of Montreal or Quebec. I do not go that much. "

With his friend Louis-Jean Cormier, Ariane also preparing a documentary on the music, which will be broadcast on Télé-Québec in the fall. "We will do the investigators by meeting all industry stakeholders in the music and entertainment to try to understand all this decline in album sales. It's a really interesting project. "

She will finally end the year with a small acoustic tour with guitarist Joseph Marchand.

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