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The opposition demands the departure of Bashar al-Assad immovable

The opposition demands the departure of Bashar al-Assad immovable

On the eve of the resumption of inter-Syrian negotiations in Geneva, the opposition to the regime in Damascus Saturday demanded the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad, dead or alive.

"We believe that the transition period must begin with the fall or death of Bashar al-Assad," said two news agencies including AFP, the chief negotiator of the Syrian opposition, the rebel Salafist leader Mohammed Allouche.

This transition "can not start with the presence of this regime or with the head of the regime still in place," he added during an interview in a large hotel in Geneva.
According to the peace process adopted by the UN, a transitional government and a new constitution must be in place within six months from the resumption of peace talks in Geneva on Monday.

Legislative and presidential elections must then be held within 12 months.

The Office of the negotiations committee (HCN), bringing together key opposition groups and which Mr. Allouche is the designated negotiator, insisted on the "formation of a transitional body with full executive powers" in which Assad "has no place."

For the opposition, the executive body will manage Syria until the general election which must be excluded, according to her, the current Syrian president.

But to Damascus, he is out of the question to discuss the presidential nor the fate of Bashar al-Assad was re-elected in 2014 during the war for another seven.

"We will not negotiate with anyone who wants to discuss the presidency. Assad is a red line. If they (opposition leaders) want to continue with this approach, it would be better they do not come "in Geneva, warned the head of the Syrian Foreign Minister, Walid Muallem.

In Damascus, the transitional authority would be nothing other than a "unity government" expanded to opponents but always under the authority of Mr. Assad.
Mr. Allouche other hand accused the regime in Damascus and its ally Russia are guilty of violations of the truce.

"The number of violations during the 14 days is over 350 and this shows that the regime violated the truce or did not feel involved," said he said.

A cessation of hostilities, negotiated by the United States and Russia, came into force on 27 February between the regime and the rebels in Syria. Despite some incidents, it holds good and allowed to be made of aid to besieged populations and organize the Geneva talks under better auspices.

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