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Pirates found the flaw in Mac

Pirates found the flaw in Mac

While rancongiciels invest phones and PC with a craze, here is that Mac OS X and OS are targeted for the first time by such software, found on Sunday researchers at Palo Alto Networks.

Hackers have infected assistants installation very popular Transmission BitTorrent client, that can download torrent files. Specifically, the spread of rançongiciel baptized KeRanger was made through version 2.90 of transmission, from the official website, on 4 and 5 March 2016.

If this contaminated software is installed on a computer, it will encrypt your files and then will come the blackmail pirates require you déboursiez a digital ransom money (a bitcoin in this case, about $ 400) to retrieve them. Since KeRanger begins blackmail after three days, watch for pop-ups appearing on your Mac from today!

A rançongiciel is used by hackers in order to "kidnap" data that you hosted on your computer, for example, by encrypting your knowledge. And it will pay to get them. Obviously, this is not always the likely outcome, because in almost 25% of cases, users never see their data even after paying the ransom.

On the website of Transmission, users of versions 2.90 and 2.91 are encouraged to upgrade to the 2.92 version, which solves the problem. For security reasons, Apple also disabled the certificate of version 2.90, which will automatically block the Gatekeeper OS X. tool

This is the first functional rançongiciel to target OS X. McAfee were identified in 2014 (Filecoder), but it was incomplete.

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