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The CAQ wants to abolish the limitation period for victims

The CAQ wants to abolish the limitation period for victims

The CAQ announced Sunday that it will file this week to the National Assembly a bill to abolish the limitation preventing sexual assault victims to pursue their attackers beyond a certain number of years.

The Member for Borduas, Simon Jolin-Barrette, accompanied by members of the Association of Victims of pedophile priests, said in a press conference that it was time to abolish the time limit imposed by the Quebec justice system that prevents people who have been assaulted before 2010 to address the court.

This provision affects the healing of victims who can not turn the page on this dark chapter of their lives, says the MP caquiste. The latter says that Quebec is the only province not to have abolished the limitation period.

"The role of state and government is to support victims and make their lives easier by providing an appropriate legal framework, not to place obstacles in front of them, said Mr. Jolin-Barrette. The time should not be a barrier for those who wish to obtain redress. "

Mr. Jolin-Barrette explained that since awareness can be long and difficult for a victim to talk about what she experienced, and denounce his aggressor, it is essential that this barrier legal abolition.

"We ask the government to have a little compassion for the victims and pass this bill, so that no one in Quebec has to undergo many obstacles in its efforts denunciation of her attackers," said caquiste said the MP.

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