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The Parti Quebecois calls for the suspension of UberX

The Parti Quebecois calls for the suspension of UberX

MP Martine Ouellet, spokesman for the Parti Québécois in transport and maritime strategy, calls on the Minister of Transport, Jacques Daoust, suspend the illegal transport by UberX, until the adoption of a new draft law.

The Parliamentary Committee on the taxi, which ended on Thursday enabled "to get a more real and current picture of the state of play in the taxi industry," said the MP Ouellet in a statement Sunday .

Following this exercise, it is time for the Minister of Transport takes action and suspend the illegal transport of UberX, she believes.

"Despite the indignation of the Minister of Transport, UberX refused to suspend its activities for the committee. In any other industry the Liberal government he tolerates illegal activities made in the open? "Asked Martine Ouellet.

Improve the customer experience

In addition, the Parti Québécois asked the minister to take a series of measures to improve the training of drivers, and improve service to customers, including the integration in the same mobile location-based technologies, electronic payment and Revenue module Quebec taxes.

License buyback

The Minister Daoust will also clarify its intentions for buying back licenses, says Ms. Ouellet. "How many permits he wants to buy? At what price? And to whom? Who will pay? "Spoke Martine Ouellet, recalling that drivers should receive fair compensation" up to the investments they have made to acquire their license. "

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