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42 deaths in Pakistan due to torrential rains

42 deaths in Pakistan due to torrential rains

Torrential rains that have affected Pakistan the last five days have left at least 42 dead, most victims of the housing collapse, according to a report Monday revised upward by the authorities.

In addition, the results of the collapse of a mine in the northwest of the country on Saturday night, which would be due to weather, reached seven dead and ten wounded.

In a statement, the National Disaster Management Authority said that the last days of rains had made a total of "42 dead and 70 wounded" and 75 houses damaged. A report on Sunday by the authorities had reported 28 dead.

Thunderstorms had started Thursday night, particularly affecting the provinces of Baluchistan in the southwest and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the northwest.

The poor quality of buildings, especially in rural areas, making them vulnerable houses face of strong spring rains.

In the coal mine collapsed in Orakzai, a remote and mountainous tribal area of ​​northwest, rescue operations were completed on Monday morning according to authorities.

"Rescue operations are completed, we have seven people killed, ten wounded and six others were rescued" safe and sound, told AFP Zubair Khan, a government official in the district where the mine is located.

More than 30 miners were initially found themselves trapped in the mine after Sunday collapse of a seemingly weakened well by intense downpours.

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