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The CAQ is launching a website to denounce the parking costs in hospitals

The CAQ is launching a website to denounce the parking costs in hospitals

The future Coalition Quebec (CAQ) continues his crusade against high parking rates in hospitals in the province.

The second opposition group posted Monday www.lesticketsdebarrette.com website on which it invites citizens to join the fight to get cheaper rates.

People who visit the site are especially invited to provide information on their latest parking bill. If they wish, this information can be transmitted directly to the inbox of the Minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette.

"I ask all Quebecers to send a minister Barrette idea of ​​what" their "tickets alike, so that he understands that parking charges are nothing more and nothing more than a barrier to access to care health, "said the spokesman of the CAQ health, Francois Paradis.

Member of Parliament for Lévis has stepped outlets in recent weeks to denounce the "abusive" prices in hospital parking lots. He recalled that 12 Quebec hospitals, including 9 in Montreal, required daily fee of at least $ 15 per day. The new McGill University Health Centre, the bill reached $ 25 after 90 minutes.

"Instead of helping those who need to travel several times a week in the hospital, making them a nearby parking at an affordable price, the Liberal government stands idly and allows hospitals to dip into their pockets" lamented François Paradis.

His political demand to make the free parking during the first two hours in all Quebec schools. The CAQ also proposes the establishment of a maximum rate of $ 7 to $ 10 and discounted rates for patients who must travel regularly to the hospital.

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