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The number of online shopping has increased

The number of online shopping has increased

The weakness of the Canadian dollar has dampened buying online from almost one in five Quebecers in 2015, reveals a survey conducted on behalf of the Quebec Retail Council of Trade (CQCD).

Led by the Altus Group, the straw poll states that 31% of Quebecers have spent more in 2015 on Internet, while one in about 5 (17%) said they spent less. Those who reduced their purchases online affirmed in a proportion of 42% that the lower Canadian dollar explain their choice.

In between, a critical mass of 52% of consumers have not changed their buying habits online.

"Currently, there is an interesting opportunity for Quebec retailers to stand out and create an appointment with consumers. We need our retailers who are not on the web are required technological change, "said Leopold Turgeon, president of the CQCD.

A third of those surveyed, 33% support have made a second hand purchase from a site like Kijiji or eBay, while 27% say they have sold through these platforms.

For those who opt to purchase online, the smart phone is the tool of choice for 33.6% of respondents, up 10 percentage points from the previous year. Nearly half of people use their smartphone to compare prices before appearing in stores or while they are there, especially with respect to furniture, appliances and electronics. For common goods and fashion, people still go to the store, without relying on the canvas, said the CQCD.

As for new methods of prompt payment by credit card, 43% of Quebecers are used, including the smart card or smart phone that is placed over an electronic sensor at the checkout. More than a smart phone owner in four opts for the latter method of payment and half of the respondents believe that it is a safe way to adjust her shopping.

The telephone survey was conducted from February 2 to 16 with 1004 people aged 18 and over, responsible for household purchases.

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