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The killer Kalamazoo has accepted blame for his crimes

The killer Kalamazoo has accepted blame for his crimes

An Uber driver, who killed six people in Michigan (north) in February, told police he had acted on the instructions of the application of car reservation service with driver, reported Monday the newspaper The Awe Times.

Jason Dalton, 45, was charged with six murders, two counts of assault with intent to commit murder - he also injured two people - and eight counts of using a firearm during a crime.

He brought death February 20 in the city of Kalamazoo, 240 km west of Detroit, pulling selected people seems he randomly in several places. Between each shooting - three in five hours - it would have transported customers.

The forty is confessed and justified his actions by explaining that the smartphone app Uber - used by customers to book vehicles - had told him where to go to shoot passers after taking control of her " mind and (his) body, "wrote the newspaper of Michigan, citing police reports obtained through a request for public documents.

Local authorities were not immediately contactable.

The newspaper said Jason Dalton told the police after having opened the Uber application, a symbol like the Devil's head appeared and "this is when the problems started."

According to the report of the investigators, he explained that the application "gave a mission and literally took control of the entire body."

The prosecutor's office had said earlier this month that a judge ordered a psychological evaluation of the driver, who risk life imprisonment without remission in freedom possible.

The mass shootings - at least four people injured or killed - are almost daily in the US, with 330 killings recorded last year.

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