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Referendum like primary on Donald Trump

Referendum like primary on Donald Trump

Polling stations opened at 6:30 in Ohio and North Carolina, two of five major American States to vote Tuesday in the presidential primary, a loyalty test for fans of Donald Trump deemed unworthy of the White House by his opponents because of the violence of his speech.

After this "Super Tuesday 2" as called US media, more than half of the delegates will have been chosen for the inaugural conventions this summer after six weeks of consultations.

The results will not devote winner between the two Democratic candidates and six Republicans still in the race, but will give the favorites an idea of ​​the speed at which they can reach the finish line.

The day will be more consistent on the side of Republicans, for whom the rules change from Tuesday: States can award all their delegates to the candidate arriving by polling head, instead of a compulsory proportion as do the Democrats.

This is the case of Florida, where the winner will pocket 99 delegates of a sudden, while 1237 will be needed to win the nomination. Donald Trump has 462 to date, monitoring forties senators Ted Cruz (371) and Marco Rubio (165).

Polls announce a rout in Florida for Marco Rubio, native son, who could withdraw in defeat. But in a season when the polls were flawed, his demoralized team pray for a surge of Republicans appalled by the language and ways of Donald Trump, especially after the clashes in his meetings this weekend.

"We will not win if we let the Republican Party to become the party's anger," commented Marco Rubio.

Other states voting Tuesday are Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina and Missouri. Twenty States will vote even into June.

Donald Trump leads more or less widely in the polls, except in Ohio where Governor John Kasich fights to notch up his first victory, in which case he warned that he would go up to the nomination convention in July in Cleveland, in his state.

"We're not supposed to rip us and exchange punches in meetings, it's not America," Mr. Kasich said.

"Ohio, I love you. You can make a difference! "Said Donald Trump during a Monday night rally in Youngstown airport. The billionaire has canceled a Monday meeting in Florida where he was ahead of Marco Rubio to concentrate on Ohio.

Extraordinary in this country where anti-Trump Republicans were slow to organize, Marco Rubio has implicitly called on supporters to vote Kasich in Ohio to Donald Trump to block.

"John Kasich can not get to the American greatness," said the billionaire Monday near Youngstown, former Mecca of the American steel industry - a meeting under tight security and without any disturbance of demonstrators.

"Your steel industry is dead. I will revive, "he promised.

"He does not retain his shots, that's what I like about him," said one supporter, Sam James, 46.

Billionaire tweeted news of spades opponents late Monday, calling Kasich "disaster" because of its economic policy and accusing Rubio of being "weak on illegal immigration." "Vote Trump and put an end to this madness."

"The love trumps hate," repeated Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Among Democrats, polls ahead more mixed Tuesday. Hillary Clinton is the favorite in Florida and North Carolina, but in most industrial states of the Midwest, Bernie Sanders is very competitive.

It is in this region where the electoral clout of minorities is lower than in the historical South, he beat former Secretary of State several times. Both woo blue-collar, Bernie Sanders criticizing relentless liberalism of Hillary Clinton in the past in favor of free trade agreements with Mexico and Canada, enacted by her husband.

Former Secretary of State Barack Obama has long defended the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), recently signed by the president, but it has now no words harsh enough against the chapters on the automobile.

In case of close results, everyone would get a similar number of delegates, which will not disrupt the race.

Before Tuesday, Hillary Clinton had earned a comfortable lead with 770 delegates against 550 for Bernie Sanders. The bar is to reach 2383.

But Bill Clinton's wife also has the declared support of nearly 500 elected officials and Democrats who will be entitled to vote at the Philadelphia convention in July.

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