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The price to pay for free services on the Internet

The price to pay for free services on the Internet

Not as free as you might think these so-called free services on the Internet. Is that many companies collect information for personalized advertising.

All words left on the free sites, such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo and YouTube, accumulate silently into account the computers of these big companies. Research and even personal emails are analyzed.

"The privacy policies of technology companies often allow them actually to analyze our private communications, whether the messages they send or emails," says Alexandre Plourde, a lawyer with Option consommateurs.

With these collected information they make so much money. They allow them to sell advertising that reaches its target perfectly. This is what worries Option consommateurs, a study on the price of free internet.

"For example, a pregnant person can be exposed adverts for pregnancy tests. A person who has financial problems may appear adverts for bankruptcy. A person who has marital problems may see adverts for divorce lawyers, "added Mr. Plourde.

The problem is not from our laws that exist to protect us. A company can use our personal information without our consent. However, the laws are not enforced.

"Often, agencies are responsible for enforcing these laws there are not enough power, not enough resources to implement them," concludes Mr. Plourde.

Option Consommateurs invites users to better choose their tools on the Internet. It also calls for more transparency.

This is for consumers to complain and choose less intensive personal information sites.

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