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Traders require lower prices for parking meters

Traders require lower prices for parking meters

Montréal merchants require lower prices for parking meters and more parking spaces for the economic vitality of commercial arteries.

The Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal (CSCM) and the Association of Montreal business development companies (ASDCM) want the parking meter rate decreases, otherwise, they say, motorists continue to prefer large suburban shopping malls .

"If the suburbs does not come to town, you can not get a foothold argued Michel Leblanc, president of the CSCM. It is not true that the vitality of our businesses through the banishment of the car. It must facilitate the travel of motorists while developing public transit. "

On Monday, the Transport Commission held its third meeting of public consultations on the parking lot.

parking disappearance
The ASDCM goes on to say that parking is "endangered" in the metropolis.

This lack of spaces for cars in addition to "a lack of public transport," said André Poulin, President ASDCM and also CEO of Destination Centre-Ville.

"Our members tell us, there is no parking, but there is also a failure at the transit offer," he said.

Mr. Poulin however does not consider that increasing public transport supply, commercial arteries to compete with the malls, including the suburbs, offering parking aplenty.

"What must be understood is that if it costs more or it makes it harder for the car, it is not true that people will necessarily take transport. What they will do is take their car and go somewhere else where there is parking, "said Mr. Poulin.

Free not necessary
The two associations believe that free parking meters is not necessary.

The ASDCM demand rather have the power to fix the price of parking meters on commercial arteries.

"We would like to use as a development tool with the flexibility to say for example a Friday night, from 17h to 21h, it's $ 0.50. It may be free, but that's not it, "said Mr. Poulin.

Mayor Denis Coderre has already mentioned will offer free parking on Sundays.

Both associations were parking garages construction, especially in downtown, a good eye. "We must through against whether built near shops, within 300 meters of walking, because otherwise it will not serve. Motorists want to be near the shops, "said Poulin.

The Transport Committee will continue hearing submissions from citizens and organizations, Wednesday, March 16, at 19 pm at the town hall of the borough.

Recall that in December, the City of Montreal has announced that it wishes to simplify parking.


Compare the price of parking meter on time
Avenue du Mont-Royal (Plateau-Mont-Royal): $ 3 / h

Rue Sainte-Catherine (Ville-Marie): $ 3 / h

Masson Promenade (Rosemont): 1 $ / h

Jean-Talon Street East (Saint-Léonard): 1 $ / h

Wellington Street (Verdun): $ 1.50 / hr


Parking meter revenue collected by Montreal
- $ 50 million in 2015

- $ 5 million more than in 2014

- $ 459 million collected since 1994

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