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Bombardier accused of being partly responsible for a "disaster" for London

Bombardier accused of being partly responsible for a "disaster" for London

The city council of London, UK, sharply criticized Bombardier Transportation for the "disaster" surrounding a contract for modernization of railway signaling that the English city eventually had to cancel in 2013, cost $ 161 million CDN.

The reason given was that of a "shameful performance of Bombardier that led to failure of the program," he wrote in one report.

In this document, the chairman of the Budget Committee and the performance of the City of London, John Biggs, does not mince words. "This is simply a disaster for London," he said, indicating that neither the direction nor Bombardier Transportation Transport for London (TfL), the authority responsible for public transport in London " were able to manage this program, but it was the Londoners who will ultimately pay the price in time travel and inefficiency. "

"Even more damning than Bombardier's inability to deliver the program, there are the claims of TfL her having been duped from the outset by Bombardier, about his expertise and experience," says Biggs.

He also attacked the leadership of TfL, which person "has been held accountable," and the Conservative Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who chairs the board of TfL.

On the latter, who leaves office in May, John Biggs said he "acted calmly and indifferently to the budget increase of CAN $ 1.7 billion, as if this was not a problem ".

He continues: "In government, heads - politicians or official people - would roll after a bad financial management. TfL side, key players were promoted and nobody is blamed. It is a scandal".

The Improvement Plan area by train from London, which is late by five years and whose costs have soared, was originally intended to increase capacity and to prepare for the increase in population, which could reach 1.2 million people by 2030.

John Biggs said that the costs of the cancellation and the contract could be delayed to allow the extension of the Northern Line, which "will at best hold, and at worst will not happen at all."

The contract with Bombardier Transportation has its headquarters in Berlin, Germany, was granted in 2011. It was canceled two years later, "but the ramifications are still being felt," he wrote in one report Committee on transport and performance, the findings are based on nearly three years of investigation.

Recommendations are made to the location of the next mayor of London, the first being to appoint qualified persons to the board of TfL in operations and investments.

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