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Two fugitives, the killed suspect linked to EI

Two fugitives, the killed suspect linked to EI

Two people were "actively pursued" Wednesday after the police operation launched yesterday in Brussels, related to the attacks of Paris, which ended with the death of an apparently linked to the organization Algerian Islamic state.

Prime Minister Charles Michel has called "the population to remain calm," while the Belgian capital is to host Thursday and Friday an important European summit devoted to the thorny issue of migrants.

Next to the corpse of the killed suspect Tuesday identified as Mohamed Belkaïd, born July 9, 1980, were discovered "a Kalashnikov and a book on Salafism," said a spokesman for the federal prosecution, Thierry Werts during 'a press conference.

"A flag of the Islamic State was also found in the apartment" that was affected by this routine search that went wrong in the Brussels municipality of Forest, reported Mr. Werts. Staying illegally in Belgium, Mohamed Belkaïd was known justice of the kingdom as a "simple theft" in 2014.

"Two people, who probably also were in the apartment and whose identity is still unknown so far, managed to escape and are actively sought," added the spokesman.

Around 2:15 p.m. Tuesday on the streets of Dries in Forest, six policemen, four Belgians and two French, appeared at the entrance to this home as part of the investigation of the attacks in Paris (130 dead November 13, 2015 ).

Upon opening the door, "at least two people armed with a riot gun and a Kalashnikov immediately opened fire on the police," and was followed by "a brief exchange of gunfire but nurtured" detailed spokesman.

Three police officers then were slightly injured, including one French. A fourth, a Belgian, will be later in the afternoon, hit "lightly on the head", while police continued to come under fire from the apartment.

This is a window where it appeared that Belkaïd was "neutralized by a sniper special teams as he was clearly open fire on the police," Did we even argued. His body will be found during a police assault led in the early evening in the apartment, where were also discovered "eleven chargers Kalashnikov and numerous ammunition."

The investigation continues "actively" Wednesday, according to Thierry Werts, including the hearing scheduled for two people arrested, one in the evening and one in the night, including "the possible involvement in the facts is still under consideration ".

This is a man who had to be operated in a Brussels hospital for a leg injury and another person "taken for questioning" after a search of the night in Forest. This person could be the one that led first to the hospital before fleeing the police arrived.

At least four searches in total were held in the evening or night-related Dries street operation. One led to the discovery of a Kalashnikov in a building from a nearby street. A box of thirty garages and a shed were searched, without success.

By Tuesday evening, the federal prosecutor had said that the suspect was not killed Salah Abdeslam, actively sought for four months for his involvement in the attacks of 13 November.

The operation Tuesday --a search among the "more than 100" made in Belgium since 14 novembre-- was rather "the entourage of one or more of the 11 Belgian charged" according to a French police source.

A national security council, which brings together key ministers and officials of the Belgian security services, was expected at 1300 GMT. "We will assess the level of threat" terrorist currently three (four levels), said the Prime Minister on the radio Bel RTL.

After 58 arrests related to the Belgian investigation into the attacks, eleven people have been charged so far. The survey showed that the attacks in Paris and Saint-Denis were largely prepared and coordinated from Brussels.

Abdeslam Salah, 26, suspected of having had at least one key role of logistics, evaporated in nature since exfiltration of the French capital to Brussels by friends, the day after the attacks.

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