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The Prime Minister denies having bought friends

The Prime Minister denies having bought friends

The authoritarian Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen had to lie on Thursday rumors about his purchase of "likes" for her Facebook page, open there is little attempt to win the support of the younger for the 2018 elections.

Hun Sen, 63 of which more than 30 in power, has belatedly launched in September 2015 to attack social networks, via several applications for those who "want to hear from him soon."

Since he published including daily updates on Facebook, often citing his privacy. His page, which now has 3.2 million "likes", has become one of the most dynamic and most popular of the country.

But Sam Rainsy, his political rival in exile accused of hiring foreigners for creating fake Facebook accounts and thus artificially boost its popularity on the web.
"I do not know where these" like "come," said Hun Sen during a graduation ceremony at the University of Phnom Penh, evoking Rainsy, this "loser who does not accept to lose".

According to the Phnom Penh Post, Cambodia English daily of quality, almost half of Hun Sen's Facebook fans have accounts opened abroad, mainly in India.
"If I can buy India, I have to be really strong. But I'm just happy that I, Hun Sen, I am recognized as Cambodian Prime Minister by the Indians and people in other countries, "he added.

The opponent Sam Rainsy and his party, the National Rescue Party of Cambodia (CNRP), are present for much longer on social networks and Hun Sen rival has more than 2.3 million "likes" on his Facebook page.

"This is another sign that Hun Sen is desperate to end the decline of his popularity," decrypts to AFP Cambodian political analyst Ou Virak.

In Cambodia, where parliamentary elections are scheduled for 2018, the stormy relations between the government and opposition parties escalated after the elections in 2013, following which the CNRP had accused the ruling party of fraud power.

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