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Digital is the spring

Digital is the spring

Experience immersive, virtual reality, visual performance, film, video games: the third edition of Digital Spring begins Monday for the new season, and has seduced both the public and warned that the neophytes.

"Digital has really upset the traditional practices and implemented as an endless sea of ​​possibilities here, it expands what we can do in the world of art," says Vanessa Pilon, ambassador of the event offering Montrealers to discover over 150 digital activities throughout the spring.

Former columnist social media and techno Hi, Hello !, the latter, love of art and sensitive environment technologies, believes Montreal is at a "crossroads of species" in digital art: "At the moment we touch the tip of the iceberg in this area and I feel that it will go by tenfold in the coming years, she believes. It was these industries there, sensitivity and openness, talent was I even think it's gone, it seems we just need to flick the boat and leave us to go faster. "

And for the boat to leave, it is particularly necessary that the audience embarks: "It is fair to ask:"? Ok, do we collectively made the decision to really put it ahead "If so , it will demand a government but also public awareness. This really is together that we will be able to impose on the world stage. "

At the heart of change

Currently, she said, everyone does not necessarily understand what is included digital art: "In some areas it's pretty clear, video games, for example, but we are not aware I think of everything it can represent, it is still fuzzy for some, yet tucked away, unreachable. I myself recently filmed part of a digital work, "Y20" [note: presented at Arsenal], it constitutes a kind of immersive experience and I did not even know at the start that we could l entering the digital creativity. "

"We're really in the way of democratization of it right now, that's why I find my really important role at the heart of this change there, she said, noting in passing that the digital and technology are already at the heart of our lives. We have screens that surround us constantly, it is increasingly used to seeing, it really is a new language that is incorporated and I find that the "fun". "

The MUTEK Festival, the virtual reality of the Phi Garden Centre and Piknic Electronik the part of his shots heart. "For tourism, it really helps radiate with these bearers: when people think in Montreal, they think of winter, the Jazz Festival, institutions that once were initiatives like this one. It's time to attach the label of capital digital creativity in Montreal, "she concludes.

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