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Apple is expected to unveil a new version of its iPhone 5

Apple is expected to unveil a new version of its iPhone 5

The US giant Apple is expected to unveil on Monday a new version of its iPhone 5 and the iPad in hopes of keeping the tempo of a perpetual sector in rapid evolution.

According to a well-oiled ritual, the presentation to be held at California headquarters of the group remains shrouded in mystery and was preceded by weeks of speculation.

The invitation Apple says the minimum and remains cryptic, declaring only: "Let us you up to speed" ( "Let us loop you in").

Most industry analysts do not provide sensational announcement but just expect to see an updated version of the iPhone 5, older and smaller than the iPhone 6.

This new model would have a "positive impact" for Apple allowing it to keep in touch with consumers who prefer phones with smaller screens and prevent them to leave the competition, explain the RBC Capital Markets analysts in a note .

According to these experts, the new model could be called SE or iPhone 5SE should elapse between 10 and 15 million copies and wait to fans of Apple waiting for the launch of the iPhone 7 this year.
"I do not expect much of a surprise," says Ben Bajarin, analyst with Creative Strategy, adding that the price of the new device remained the main unknown.

Innovations should be more substantial for the new iPad that could be equipped with a keyboard and a touch pen to attract more business customers, according to experts.

Apple could also benefit from the launch of these new products to return to his showdown with US authorities who ordered to decrypt the phone of one of the authors of the massacre of San Bernardino (California) who made 14 early deaths December.

The giant seized the courts to challenge the order of the authorities that it considers dangerous for the security of customer data.

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