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Methamphetamine trafficker arrested

Methamphetamine trafficker arrested

Police in Magog, Estrie, arrested an alleged trafficker of methamphetamine aged 68.

The police force said Friday in a statement that seven officers conducted a search Thursday morning at a residence on St. Patrick Street, near Hall Street.

There they found 571 tablets of methamphetamine, a list of customers and 250 contraband cigarettes. They arrested a 68 year old woman. The latter had already been convicted in 2007 in a drug-related case.

According to police, the woman was trafficking with his son and his wife until they are arrested twice in November and December.

During one of the operations, the officers had found 900 tablets. The pair pleaded guilty to charges of possession and trafficking of drugs. They are incarcerated since.

The man's mother had continued selling drugs alone in her apartment. She now faces methamphetamine possession charges and possession for the purpose of trafficking.

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