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"Voice": the phenomenon husked

"Voice": the phenomenon husked

For four seasons, the Quebec version of "The Voice" is the most listened to broadcast in Quebec, and one that gets the largest market share in the world.

Every Sunday, nearly 2.6 million viewers are connected to the issue, 56% of Quebecers watching TV.

We know that the concept is based on a strong idea, hearings blind. But Stéphane Laporte, adapter and associate producer, also advance other reasons that may explain the public's enthusiasm.

"It's a common passion for music. It is also a show where the talent comes in. There is first the talent coaches, the artists are discovered, the mentors, Charles ... It's a team effort . "

The Quebec version also relies on coaches from different musical worlds, which brings together a much broader audience.

"I think this is one of the unifying elements of the show. Each person in Quebec, in its "playlist" personal, at least one song from one of the coaches. "

This diversity is found naturally in the applicant participating in the show, whether young or as Markos Soran, or more established talents like Martin Goyette or Yvan Pedneault.


Stéphane Laporte also mentioned the strong link between the Quebec music.

"I think there's a real love story between Quebecers and the song. Quebecers are really fond of, this is what makes that there is so much talent and people who want to sing. It's still a phenomenal show, as the battle song, which aligns sixteen songs one after the other, is the most watched show. It shows the strength of the music here. "

Moreover, unlike other editions around the world, there is no fluctuation here in the ratings. "Elsewhere, there is always a slight decline after the hearings to the blind, sometimes dating back to direct. Here, the largest dimension of listening, last year was the second issue of the duels. I think we have managed to maximize all phases of concept. "


Starting this Sunday, the direct phase will allow the public to make its voice heard, which creates an even greater affiliation with the issue and its candidates.

"Direct adds a lot of excitement because you know what you are living, people experience it at the same second, explained associate producer. For example, last year, during the quarterfinals, when Kevin Bazinet made "Jealous Guy" is at that time that the "Kevinmania" was declared. I also think Valérie Carpentier, who had taken their lead from the quarter-finals. In these moments of direct, a link is created with the public directly, so to say. "


If "Voice" is a TV phenomenon, it also has an impact on the world of Quebec music.

"We often speak of a showcase for new talent, but also a great showcase for artists who are guests at direct. Last year, Pirate Heart launched its new single in direct. Next Sunday, Karim Ouellet also comes to present his new album, in addition to singing his success. This is the best showcase for a singer in Quebec. "

"Voice and Guitar", exclusively on the web
The success of the show is available on the web with the capsules "Voice and Guitar". Each of the 24 finalists will perform a song, simply accompanied on guitar by David Lafleche, musical director of the show. "As it was very popular last year, it again with this concept, said Stéphane Laporte. The result is really good. Measuring well the talent of the candidates. "

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