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Phone caught fire in the sky

Phone caught fire in the sky

A young woman says her cell phone caught fire while she was in the sky, the plane that took her to Hawaii. A particularly stressful situation for all passengers of the plane.

Crail Anna had to wait about a half hour before arriving at the destination of his holidays Honolulu. That's when his phone suddenly ablaze.

"All of a sudden there were flames coming out of 20 centimeters from my phone. I started down and he picked up under the seat of a passenger. The flames continued to grow and grow, and many people went up. "

The airline company Alaska Air says its employees are trained for such situations and the fire was quickly controlled.

The aviation specialist John Nance says most airlines have banned hoverboards because of fires caused by lithium batteries. However, there is little concern about cell phones.

"First, there should some kind of daily incidents before we decide that there is a danger to the public," says Nance.

Still, it was a traumatic experience for Anna who said that the back of the phone is completely melted.

The young woman is however very happy that nothing more serious might have happened.

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