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Le Pen welcomed by protesters in Quebec

Le Pen welcomed by protesters in Quebec

Just entered the room to give a press conference on Sunday in Quebec, Marine Le Pen has been the target of many insults by activists of the Anti-FN Motion in a chaos that has even led to physical altercations.

Then they quietly acceded to the Marriot hotel conference room of Place d'Youville, the activists did not let Ms. Le Pen say a word when he arrived and attacked verbally to it.

"Racist, fascist; zero tolerance ", they chanted first. They also shouted "Fuck the Quebec National Front." This was followed by physical altercations, without serious consequence, however.

Once the dust settles, an activist spoke to Ms. Le Pen. "Fuck you," he began. The president of FN responded with a big laugh.

An activist also made a finger to Ms. Le Pen.

"Go take a shower. The children go to bed, "said the MEP. She also mentioned to be used to this kind of disruption in France.

"There are always five or six" bolchos "filthy coming attempt to disrupt my press conferences. Perhaps, indeed, they come directly from Paris, one of them seemed to be French, "she has observed.

"It's a small minority, but is forced to scream, to shout as they are more votes in France," added Ms. Le Pen.

The activists held up a banner that read: "Here, land of welcome, we prefer the arrival of thousands of immigrants that came from a single racist".

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