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The dog Claire Samson Member of the Quebec Pantheon animals

The dog Claire Samson Member of the Quebec Pantheon animals

The dog of the future member of the Coalition Québec, Claire Samson, was inducted Sunday in Laval, Quebec Pantheon animals.

The Association of Quebec veterinarians in small animal practice allowed the dog Pepper in the "Companion".

This gray poodle 9 years old is special he was trained to detect seizures of his mistress, several hours in advance. When the dog recognizes the signs of a crisis, warns Ms. Samson turning him around and barking. It can then take steps to avoid a crisis.

The MP also ensures to bring all his faithful companion passes through periods of fatigue, even in the Blue Room of the National Assembly.

Pepper is put to work with children in pet therapy sessions and is also the guest of the show "Animo" on Radio-Canada.

The Association also welcomed the Pantheon Max dog, a golden retriever aged 9, this time in the category "Heroes." The dog saved the life of his master Richard Maltais 12 February 2015 recognizing the signs of an impending heart attack.

Feeling dizzy, Mr. Maltais had decided to lie down for a moment. His dog then headed onto the bed and began to bark incessantly, licking the face of his master and pushing with its head so that it stands up.

Mr. Maltais said he understood the message and it is then taken back to the hospital. Upon his arrival, he went into cardiac arrest. It was urgently resuscitated and, according to doctors, it should life to the intervention of his dog.

"Every day more on Earth, I owe it to Max. I am grateful every day that my best mate has saved my life, "said Richard Maltais.

The Pantheon Quebec animal now has 40 dogs, five cats and two horses since 1998.

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