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Assaulted at age 5, she has to fight for a decent pay

Assaulted at age 5, she has to fight for a decent pay

Woman assaulted Quebec at the age of 5 years was forced to fight against the Compensation for Victims of Crime Initiative (VCI) to get a decent compensation.
"I was sexually abused by my father from 5 to 15 years."

At 48, she has won a victory.

"I was just 5% of disability. They gave me a salary of 74 dollars a month. "

Unable to live with such a sum, she challenged the decision with the help of the lawyer Marc Bellemare. Three years later, the Administrative Court of Quebec reverses everything and give him $ 1,200 per month.

Me Bellemare has also quickly found that his new client still living with past wounds. "The decision because when I met was successful in breaking madam to my office [...] I immediately saw that it was completely dysfunctional," says he.

In 2013, the lady possessed a daycare and pocketed a salary of more than $ 60 000 per year. Due to years of abuse she suffered, she still went into a deep depression and lost everything.

"I lost the daycare. I was not able to change diapers. I was not able to shake the kids. I was crying all the time, "she explains. "It is a scandal. It is not normal that the victim is forced to contend with a lawyer and an expert in psychiatry to go to court and put the record straight. Normally, the role of the Initiative is to correctly assess the victim, "according to Mr. Bellemare.

Through this test, it is religion that has managed to maintain his balance. She converted to Islam there is this 25 years. "My habit allows me to hide. Not to have this sexuality to present. "Court proceedings are far from over. She now wants her attacker to be brought to justice. "It's worth fighting," she says.

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