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Karim Ouellet, open to become a mentor

Karim Ouellet, open to become a mentor

The 12 candidates of the first quarter-final of "The Voice" opened the show with Karim Ouellet, who had also invited the group to Misteur Valaire a medley of his greatest hits.

The singer said he was very lucky, because he had some knowledge from the candidates this season. "Sabrina is my friend for years. I also know AmГ©lie Nault long. We had not much time to go up this issue then, but I was very uncomfortable. We went to dinner together last night, it has led to closer ties. "

Karim Ouellet was impressed by the talent of candidates with whom he sang.

"In" The Voice ", they do not seem to young people starting out in the profession. They are very well supported. I did not know what to expect. But by the second rehearsal, it was perfect. I wish all to continue. "

Television ratings seemed to scare Karim Ouellet, who admits to not having thought before arriving on scene. "Twice during the number, it came to mind that nearly three million people were watching me. But when I sing, I especially am concentrating on people I see in the room. "

His new album, "Thirty," has just come out, and he is not worried about the reception of this new material by the public. "I put a lot of pressure alone. My goal was to make songs that I would love. At first it did not work. I wrote a lot of songs, but I threw them in the trash, and I began again. It was long to satisfy myself. Once I succeeded, I thought I had a project that I could defend honestly and being satisfied, it will help me to be proud of my album. "

Karim Ouellet would not be willing to take a coach seat to "The Voice," but he might be willing to be a mentor. "I want to enjoy the time I have for my scrapbook projects and to make music on stage, it already takes all my time. But be invited to something less demanding, I want that. I'll coach when I'm older! "

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