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Couillard gives a boost to its candidate Chicoutimi

Couillard gives a boost to its candidate Chicoutimi

The Prime Minister Philippe Couillard came to give a boost to its candidate Francyne Gobeil in Chicoutimi County Monday.

Liberal Leader and Ms. Gobeil visited the company's facilities Pro Sag Mechanics Chicoutimi. For the Prime Minister, the opportunity was good to talk about regional economy.

The Prime Minister took the opportunity to recall that the last budget of his government included appropriations for SMEs.

However, he admitted that the context was not ideal for the natural resource sector currently.

Mr. Couillard especially praised the qualities of the candidate and stressed his 20 years in municipal politics.

Both Liberals also had to answer questions about the indictment of Nathalie Normandeau, last week.

However, the Prime Minister does not believe it will affect the campaign of the election in the riding of Chicoutimi.

"I am leader of the Liberal Party since March 2013, said Philippe Couillard. Since that time, I can tell you that the party has changed. He had started to change before, and he continued to change later. It is completely in another atmosphere, another political model. It's for the best. I think people know that Francyne is there to represent them, "he said.

For its part, the Liberal candidate, Francyne Gobeil, argued integrity. "Mrs. Normandeau, that's one thing. Me, it's something else, said Ms. Gobeil. For 20 years I was in municipal politics. I can tell you that on integrity, I have already been searched. And no, we are made the new policy. With the mayor (John Smith), I think we did during the last 20 years, "she said.

She who worked in the office of mayor of Saguenay was also questioned on the register of firearms. It promises to comply with the opinion of citizens and go carry their message to Quebec if elected on 11 April.

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