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Spotify says he passed the bar of 30 million subscribers

Spotify says he passed the bar of 30 million subscribers

The leading music streaming service Spotify announced Monday have passed the threshold of 30 million subscribers, a figure that will continue to grow as the site wants to locate in more countries.

The announcement of the passage of this symbolic figure was made by the Director General Daniel Elk, commenting on the historic visit of US President Barack Obama in Cuba.

"We have 30 million subscribers, but none in Cuba ... for now. It's so cool to see Cuba open, "tweeted the Swedish entrepreneur 33 years.

Streaming, which allows listening to music streaming internet without downloading, is expanding and has transformed the landscape of the music industry, with more and more eager sites compete with Spotify market leader.

Observers believed for some time that Spotify was approaching the bar of 30 million subscribers, but the company does not release figures regularly.

The last she releases dated back to June, when Spotify was said to have 20 million paying subscribers and 75 million regular users.

Spotify allows free access to users if they accept advertising pages between songs they listen to. The service costs $ 9.99 per month if not the United States.

The company is valued at up to $ 8 billion and is present today in 58 countries, the most developed countries, with the exception of a few developing countries in South America.

Apple Music, launched in June by the computer giant, has quickly become the second most listened service, with 11 million subscribers announced last month.

Deezer, based in Paris, is strong in Europe, but still very little presence in the United States. There are 6 million paying users.

Rhapsody, the first to have launched on the market in 2001, it had 3.5 million subscribers in December.

Finally, Tidal, launched particularly by rapper Jay-Z and other stars of the music, which boasts a superior listening quality, announced 1 million subscribers in September and has not provided other figures from .

Faced with such competition, Spotify recently added video content to its platform.

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