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Trump and Clinton clash on Israel

Trump and Clinton clash on Israel

The Democratic candidate for US President Clinton and his Republican rival Donald Trump clashed Monday over Israel before a powerful group of American Jewish pressure, making the alliance with Israel an issue in the race White House.

The United States has variously estimated between five and six million American Jews, is the largest Jewish community after that of Israel, and this electorate, which is said often acquired Democrats, remains crucial for any contender the American presidency.

"Yes, we need consistency, not a president who says he is neutral on Monday, pro-Israel on Tuesday, and we do not know what else Wednesday because everything is negotiable. (...) Israel's security is non-negotiable, "Clinton attacked the annual conference of the pro-Israel AIPAC lobby group.

The favorite of the Republican primary Donald Trump fired back a few hours later before the same audience of 15,000 people: in his view, the former Secretary of State (2009-2013) President Barack Obama was "a complete disaster" at the head US diplomat.

"When I am president, it will be the end of days we treated Israel as a second class citizen," promised the thunderous billionaire from New York where reside many American Jews.

The transition from Mr. Trump before AIPAC was preceded by demonstrations against threats in real estate magnate, but his speech was rather well received by the audience.

He was particularly applauded when he broke a taboo on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by engaging, if elected, to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state and to transfer the US embassy from Tel Aviv to the holy City.

Mr. Trump has also vowed to "dismantle the catastrophic agreement" sealed in July between major powers and Iran over its nuclear program and accused Obama of having "may have been the worst thing that ever happened Israel ".

President Obama and his Foreign Minister John Kerry are the architects of the agreement with Tehran which resulted in a lifting of sanctions. This text, which led de facto by a US-Iranian thaw has caused tensions with historic allies of the United States, Saudi Arabia and Israel in mind.

Clinton, who had contributed as secretary of state to restore the image of America in the Middle East after President George W. Bush praised "different visions of America's leadership in the region and in the world. " She accused Mr. Trump to have a "potential foreign policy that insult our friends, does not cooperate with them, which would embolden our enemies without defeat."

"For the security of Israel and the world, we need an America that remains a respected world leader, committed to the defense and promotion of the international order," insisted the ruling.

While his successor at the State Department, John Kerry, had broken teeth in 2014 on an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement, Clinton reiterated that it wanted a solution "two states" and promised to " continue direct negotiations. "

Without saying so, Mr. Trump has posted exactly the same position.

Like the successive US administrations, he pleaded for him as an 'agreement between Israelis and Palestinians "toward a two-state solution. "No one is more pro-Israel than me. We must protect Israel "launched the Republican frontrunner.

His Democratic rival also denounced anti-Semitism and all forms of "intolerance and extremism in our societies," Mr. Trump being lampooned for its flights to the punch against Muslims and Hispanics.

"Who encourages violence, which remains evasive on the supporters of the supremacy of the white race, calling for the expulsion of 12 million migrants who request to turn its back on refugees because of their religion and offers of prohibit all Muslims to enter the United States, "Clinton thundered.

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