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Tinder "slips" in the US presidential campaign

Tinder "slips" in the US presidential campaign

The mobile application Tinder gained its popularity by offering users the ability to choose a potential partner with a simple drag of the finger. It makes since Wednesday its US users to do the same with the candidates for the US presidency.

"Marriage for all it must be preserved?", "For or against drilling in the United States for oil and gas?". Slide to the left if disinterest, to the right if it is the opposite.

The whole concept of Tinder is applied to political issues in the "Swipe the vote" ( "Drag the vote") launched for elections by the application of meetings, in cooperation with the organization "Rock the Vote" , which attempts to mobilize young voters.

"Once you have gone through ten of the hottest topics, you will be associated with the candidate who best matches your choice," said Tinder on his blog.

"We also show you where you stand compared to the other candidates. You can then share on social networks your results and, more importantly, easily register as voters with Rock the Vote, "added the text.

These explanations are illustrated with pictures showing the famous phrase "It's a game '- which greets on Tinder when two people are mutually chosen - but with the face of the candidate who is closest to the answers given.

Tinder users already use to support their candidate: young women throwing Democratic support posts Bernie Sanders or Republican Marco Rubio now out of the race.

"We were deeply surprised by the number of users who express their political views with their" matches ", people who are mutually selected by dragging their profiles to the right, Tinder wrote." This is what we decided to design "Swipe the Vote". "

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