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David Goudreault wins with its black and stripper novel

David Goudreault wins with its black and stripper novel

Archambault Grand Literary Award was presented to author David Goudreault Wednesday night for his book "The Beast to his mother." A reward awarded to a pen over for his first novel.

Nine jurors have fallen under the charm of this novel must be taken in the second degree and leads the reader into a world rather murky.

The story immerses the reader into the world of a young orphan who desperately seeks her mother. "There is a woman who could be his mother, but we're not sure it's really her. It will still harass her with love and persistence, "said the author of 35.

He'll manage stress with dubious and destructive compulsions. "It gives a little seedy criminal but still endearing," said the social worker training.

This is also after working with victims and criminals he decided to paint a more realistic picture of offenders.

"The average criminal, not Mom Boucher. He's a young a little distressed, which lacked love, just all wrong, which seeks recognition awkwardly, "said David Goudreault.

Everything will be undertaken by its character poorly executed. "He does not even kill well," said the writer, who will soon release the second volume of his trilogy entitled "The beast and his cage." As a black stripper novel and the first ... maybe even more.

It was his first novel, but it was not the first time the social worker training slept words on paper. In addition to being the first Quebecer to win the World Poetry Slam Cup in Paris (2011), it has two collections of poetry to his credit, a play, and three albums. Multi-talented, he will make the first part of Richard Desjardins shows in April and May.

With the prestige of this victory is also a generous grant of $ 10 000 and an expanded promotional plan which allows a lot of visibility.

"It allows for live work and tell a wider audience," said Blaise Renaud, president, general manager of bookstore Renaud Bray inc. and Archambault.

"This is really the price that I wanted most, said the star author of the evening. This is an exchange that allows me to have the time. "

Indeed, time is a luxury in the world of David Gaudreault, who has a daughter and is at a crossroads in respect to his career. "I wondered if I pushed the literary and I think I have my answer," said one who also creative workshops for criminals.

For 15 years, Archambault is committed to highlight young authors Quebec, "succession" of Quebec culture.

Ten people were nominated this year. Ten authors with genres, styles, histories and different worlds. "The prices contributed to a degree of sustainability," said Mr. Renaud, because many recipients of the award have published other novels.

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