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A cafe in harmony with the environment of new technologies

A cafe in harmony with the environment of new technologies

Nestled between two historic buildings, Café OSMO, a modern underground space with impressive architecture, opened in February in Montreal.

A green roof full of skylights to the rounded shape characterizes this coffee signed by Sid Lee Architecture and located at the junction of Sherbrooke and Clark.

Coffee form an osmosis between the Notman House, headquarters of investors for companies related to new technologies in Montreal, and the former hospital St. Margaret, 22 physical campuses welcoming startup companies offices. Notman House is especially affiliated with Google since 2014.

It aims to be a place of community for Web entrepreneurs and foster informal exchanges between them, they are mentors or creators.

It is also a meeting place for the general public.

Environment and history

The concept and the integration of landscape arising from the environmental and historical value of the two adjacent buildings at the cafe, according to the architect Bruno Tremblay.

"The idea behind the coffee was the nest between the two buildings in the basement. There is a synergy between the two groups, "said Bruno Tremblay.

"When William Notman, one of Canada's greatest photographers of the story, had this house, he often used his backyard and beautiful scenery to photograph great characters who spent at home, sued the architect. We wanted to restore the idea of ​​the time of the green roof garden with the raise and slide come there cafe below."

The summer terrace can be found in the courtyard of the house.

Site History
The architecture of the café said third wave is a way to highlight the history of the site, but in a very contemporary way.

"We came to fill the void between the two buildings and we wanted to promote the sunshine said Mr. Tremblay. When you are inside, you can, looking up, see the history of the two buildings on the site. At night, the effect is quite successful and we just create lanterns cash at street level. It calls attention at the same time. "

The original bridge, the Sisters of St. Margaret borrowed for transit of Notman House in hospital, was redone in a contemporary way. Moreover, when the cross was like being in the garden.

Coffee was funded in large part, to the OSMO Foundation, Dan Robichaud who founded the company PasswordBox, since acquired by Intel Security.

PasswordBox now has 45 employees and 15 million users. Give entrepreneurs a place to meet, work and play was a way for Dan Robichaud to give back to the community that did break into the world of the Web.

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