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Cowboys against Uber taxi

Cowboys against Uber taxi

After the Montreal police patrolling in camouflage pants, it was the turn of some taxi drivers of the city to adopt a dress code that could make talk.

They baptized the Cowboys against Uber and are determined to lead a fierce fight illegal transportation.

To counteract what they called "unfair competition", these drivers are willing to ask quite dramatic gestures.

"I try to imitate the employees of the City of Montreal, including the police, says Hassan Kattoua, Hypra driver in Taxi. They have just claims on retirement and we, our license, which is our retirement, is in danger.

Uber X must cease operations immediately, according to this group, which created its own Facebook page. "We must enforce the law immediately, we will not wait for the bill scheduled for the end," insists Mr. Kattoua.

The US company has made many enemies by moving to the metropolis.

As for the dress code imposed on taxi drivers by Coderre administration, cowboys against Uber does not intend to respect it.

"No, I'm going to respect the old regulation, which was already quite severe, he said. The opening of doors, I will never accept that. "

The protest group promises more action to counter Uber X.

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