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September marathons in seven days on seven continents

September marathons in seven days on seven continents

His challenge borders on madness. In 10 months, Patrick Charlebois attempt to run seven marathons in seven days on seven different continents ...! It is 295 km races in less than 168 hours.

"When I learned about this challenge, I did not hesitate one second. I said this is for me, "he said with a smile.

In recent years, Patrick has participated in marathons in New York, Boston, Berlin, London, Chicago and Tokyo; for him the world marathon challenge is somehow continuity.

As soon as he crosses the finish line of a race, he will fly to its next destination. The breaks will be few.

"It will feed me, rest and stretch out at the same time, through security, customs, unpack, has he said. It will be a lot of logistics in no time. "

The journey will start in Antarctica, it will then go to Chile, the US, Spain, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates and Australia. A trip for the least expensive

"Registration is $ 60,000 and I have to pay myself I travel to Chile and my return to Sydney. In total, this is a journey of $ 80,000 dollars, "he admitted.

In preparation, Patrick Charlebois will run every week between 110 and 150 km. Intensive training closely monitored by her nutritionist who will accompany him to the finish line.

"Fatigue is cumulative. There will also be the time difference. It will be sure to feed the machine during the test with very energetic snacks, "said Josiane Tanguay.

The first of seven marathons will be held on 23 January. Patrick Charlebois become the first Canadian to participate.

Sharing the planet's seven continents (different from the traditional model of five continents) includes North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and Antarctica.

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