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A massively supported industry

A massively supported industry

After revealing on Wednesday that logging companies pay as little as 39 cents a tree in public forests, our Bureau of Investigation found that this does not prevent the Quebec government to massively support the industry.

For example, trees are sold public land averaged $ 1.29 a tree and even to 39 cents per tree in the northern forests.

The Ministry of Finance has reconstructed for the Bureau of Investigation, a page on the forest industry was missing the last provincial budget.

This page states that the government spent last year $ 607 million in forest roads and silvicultural work and the industry has paid $ 329 million in royalties and stumpage fees.

This translates to a government deficit of $ 278 million.

"The only message we must retain the apparent weakness of the fees is that it is time we had a household," said Luc Bouthillier, Professor at Laval University.

"It's a billion that the industry relates to the government in taxes and taxes, while creating 60,000 jobs in all regions of Quebec. It's not little, "said AndrГ© Tremblay, CEO of the Council of the forestry industry.

With cogeneration plants, the industry now sells electricity to Quebec consumers at a higher price than that produced by wind farms. And that, not counting the recent rebates on electricity rates.

What cause the Americans to a fifth war timber.

"What we see, US competitors are also emerging, says Luc Bouthilier. And it can easily be invoked. You see, in the case of Canadian producers, it is not by chance that they perform well in the market with wood products, they are subsidized, this is unfair competition. "

Still, about 2 billion sales, sawmilling industry only managed to earn a profit of 95 million.

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