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A special screening for the biggest fans

A special screening for the biggest fans

Fans of the series "Yamaska" were able to mourn their favorite series in the company of comedians on Thursday night at a special screening.

Fans of the first hour were able to see the last episode to be presented Monday on TVA and 'Yamaska ​​and I, "a one-hour documentary that will air April 4 at 20h.

It was an evening of smiles and shining eyes. It must be said that the mourning of actors has begun last December, while they were busy saying their last lines. If for authors sign it was time to end "Yamaska", for others, these families could have lived many adventures yet.

"For me, it could last for seven years," said Émile Mailhiot, which has "become a man before the cameras."

No regrets

A hundred fans had earned their place at the event. They chatted with players, telling them how they had affected over the years. With 1.3 million viewers on average each week, Anne Boyer and Michel d'Astous authors could have done the eighth, but they wanted to stop at the top.

"The real grief it will be Monday. It's like you do not exist. It's weird to say, because the work is long over, but on Monday, it will not exist in the imagination of people every week. It's very difficult, but it was time, "they stressed.

The authors compare a little late 'Yamaska' funerals. "Today is the exposure. Monday is the funeral, "they say with a smile.

Change of "casting"

Normand D'Amour owes much to the Boyer-d'Astous duo. For once, he was offered a good role. The role that finally went out of his criminal image, nasty and manipulative. He still wants today to dispose of this image that sticks to the skin.

"This is a character that got me out of what I usually do, he told. I still refused some things lately that plunged again me in there (wicked roles). I'm able to do something, I want something else. I'm tired of making guys like that. I am also in my life. "It was he who had proposed for the role it 7 years ago. He has never regretted.

Yan England, this adventure has allowed him to explore a host of emotions through many vicissitudes has lived his character.

"I have been challenges, especially in the last year and a half. I remember reading the texts and tell me that I had to tie my tuque with wire, "said the actor who burst into tears on the last day of shooting.

A different mourning

This is not the first time Chantal Fontaine grieves in a series that has marked Quebecers. But the process to let go of the character of Julie has done much differently.

"The authors have told us at the beginning of the project that would last seven years. So it's still in the lead, we do not think in the end necessarily, but we know that there is a date that is there, "said the actress, who is dedicated to his work until the next restorative art project . It also would be seen moving in the Harrison family still a good time.

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