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"I feel like a waste"

"I feel like a waste"

A man with bullet during a shootout in Marieville July 8 still can not obtain compensation from the VCI.

Eric Choquette had an appointment with his friend Michel L'Italien that tragic evening. He was to join the show for a tractor that he had found for him.

He had just arrived when a man armed with a rifle broke into the garage.

"Me I have made the survival instinct, I went into my garage bottom. In the office where I was, there was a small area with chains. I hid there I protected my face with his hand to that he pulls me because it was me, "said Mr. Choquette.

While two people died, Mr. Choquette lost two fingers at that time and remains traumatized.

"They say I only lost two fingers. I do not know what is for them two fingers. [...] It remains just the thumb. They call it two hooks fingers the doctor told me, I wondered why, now I know. The fingers then never bend. "

Unable to sleep, Mr. Choquette spends half his nights waiting to fall asleep. When he succeeds, he wakes up with a start.

For now, the Initiative has just told Mr. Choquette to see a psychologist, but impossible to get financial aid. He thinks we do not consider it a victim.

"I feel as waste they put in a corner," he laments.

He considers that the delays are too long. "It is extremely long. When you call IVAC office, they say, "Sir, take your troubles patiently, you are not alone. We will call you when it's time, '" says one waiting for eight months now.

Mr. Choquette is difficult to wait that long, especially in a time when it must calculate "each slice of bread to eat."

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