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"Voice" behind the scenes direct

"Voice" behind the scenes direct

Behind the scenes of "The Voice" on the premises of Mel's studios in Saint-Hubert, is a hive where more than 300 people every week, most of the candidates, guests and the public who comes to attend the program.

Since last fall, the production moved into the two huge studios that serve as hearings for the blind, duels and direct. "The facility configuration changes as needed, detailed Chantal Lepine, the associate producer makes us around."

This space is much used during the hearings to the blind, and the decor is different for each season. This is where the candidates are waiting with their families before audition. The room, with its wall of guitars, is then used less from direct, but can serve as a lodge for guests.

Charles Lafortune welcomes families are candidates at the hearings blind. That's where they look set delivery, that happens in the studio next door, and do a debriefing at the end. From direct, this room is primarily used for rehearsals with the vocal coach who repeats individually with each candidate numbers of the Sunday program.

These two areas are much less used as direct, but production keeps them in the state to serve as a lodge or meeting space.

On the floor of the studio, there are the different lodges used by coaches, Stéphane Laporte, the musicians of the show or the various guests.

"The lodge Ariane Moffatt is the largest, but also one where everyone finds to party after the direct, said Chantal Lepine, the Executive Producer. Marc Dupré has the same small box since the second season, which is like a refuge. "

Pierre Lapointe also inherited a small dressing room without windows, such as Mark, where piled shoe boxes during our visit. As they were always made in the lodge on the other, Charles and Eric have decided to share the same direct. Ten additional boxes are available for different members of the production.

"To make it more beautiful on screen, we do not want lectern on stage, we ask the guest musicians to know their score by heart, explained the Executive Producer. So they have a box in which they can repeat the music. "

On the ground floor, the houses of candidates was beautifully arranged by decorator Jean Becotte director and coordinator Suzanne Labelle. This is where they expect to benefit them and where they follow the rest of the show after going on stage.

Another space welcomes candidates who are not in competition or have been removed in the previous steps.

Studio D, with an area of ​​4500 m2, is occupied by the big stage of "The Voice." It can accommodate 350 spectators standing and 400 seated people in the stands. The studio is scrutinized by twelve fixed cameras and two cameras on cranes.

The configuration of the scene evolves progressively stages of the contest. Rather narrow blind auditions, she grows up measuring 1600 m2 in the blockbuster numbers. It is flanked by two oversized hands, representing the logo of "The Voice", which weigh 600 pounds each. This is also the same floor which is used for the first season, but it should be changed before the season V.

Behind the scene is one of the most strategic positions, the lodge auditors who compile the votes of coaches and the public, and give the name of the winner.
"Voice" is also:

More than 300 people work on direct
12 makeup artists and hairdressers on site
A scene from 1600 m2
In total, the two studios occupy an area of ​​18 000 m2
Two giant hands of 600 pounds and a height of 18 feet each
714 spectators at each of the direct
Over fifteen lodges for coaches, animators, producers, applicants, guests ...
200 free frequencies used for direct son, more than the Oscars.

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