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Luc Picard becomes pianist

Luc Picard becomes pianist

Luc Picard becomes pianist and played opposite Pailhas and Natalie Choquette in this film Raphael Nadjari.

The least we can say is that the subject of "Mobile star" is very specialized, director Raphaël Nadjari who, with his co-writer Vincent Poymiro, decided to focus on classical music. And not just any, the two men discuss in this history tour in Montreal, the French sacred music composed for synagogues in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Daniel Dussault (Luc Picard) and his wife Hannah (Pailhas), singer, caring for a choir and give recitals of this liturgical music in the company of their teenage son, David (Alexander Sheasby). But when the film opens, they are struggling to make ends meet and seeking financing by any means possible. In fact, their situation is so precarious that they have not paid the rent of their rehearsal room for months, to the point where Marius (Raymond Cloutier), which manages the site, is to expel them.

Daniel, whose father (Marcel Sabourin) is placed because of his failing health, trying to find recitals by all possible means and places an advertisement to find another female voice. Abigail (Éléonore Lagacé, daughter of soprano Natalie Choquette), a teenager responds. Meanwhile, Samuel (Paul Kunigis), former professor of Hannah, arrived in Montreal with a rare score in his luggage, and his attitude is no shortage of generating tensions. Note also the appearance of Dorothée Berryman in choir member and Nathalie Choquette mother of Abigail, the singer also doubling musical interpretations Pailhas).

Punctuated by eight rooms, almost all created by the composer Jérôme Lemonnier and put into words by Emmanuel Moses, the feature is, of course, a showcase for the classical. If at the beginning, it is caught by the script out of the ordinary as well as the flawless delivery of all actors, it is difficult to keep the interest without music.

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