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Stigmatize Muslims into the hands of jihadists, Obama says

Stigmatize Muslims into the hands of jihadists, Obama says

The president of the United States, Barack Obama, said Saturday that "stigmatize" Muslims did play jihadist "against which we want to ride each other", implicitly condemning proposals of Republican candidates for the White House.

In the fight against the Islamic State group (EI), "our most important partners are Muslim Americans," he said in his weekly address, after the attacks on Tuesday in Brussels claimed by EI that have 31 dead and some 300 injured.

He offered his condolences to Americans at least two killed in the attacks, during which "at least 14 Americans were injured."

"We must reject any attempt to stigmatize Muslim Americans" and greet "their tremendous contributions to our country and our way of life," Obama said.

"These attempts are contrary to our nature, our values ​​and our history as a nation built on the idea of ​​religious freedom," he told the US president.

"It is also counterproductive. This is directly the terrorists who want to turn us against each other; who want to have a reason to recruit more people to their cause dedicated to hatred. "

The two main contenders for the Republican nomination for the presidential election of November 8, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, supports the idea that the police patrol Muslim neighborhoods. Mr. Trump also wants temporarily prohibit Muslims from entering the fear of an extremist US is hiding among them.

Obama acknowledged that the EI group "posed a threat to the entire civilized world", but promised that "the terrorists will fail." He welcomed in particular the elimination by the US number two of the jihadist organization, Abdel Rahman al-Qadouli announced Friday.

The fourth edition of the Summit on Nuclear Security, which will bring together heads of state in Washington on Thursday and Friday will be an opportunity to discuss the fight against EI and to "ensure that the world remains united in this effort, "said the US president.

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