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Are you spying?

Are you spying?

Unfortunately, the information we collect may still end up in the hands of others. Spouse jealous hacker organizations against the freedoms of the press and human rights, motives to infiltrate a phone or computer abound.

Fortunately, measures to defend also abound, here are some ideas. As you can see in the gallery above, the small price to spy action (under $ 200) abound, as well as those of against-espionage.

Sometimes, in certain situations, the people closest to mutate into opponents. And the problem becomes even more significant if we have before and against self governments or secret organizations who do not appreciate the work you do.

Especially with the current electronic means of infiltration, it is no longer necessary to physically take people, just rather to infiltrate their communications and computer files.

In the case of smart phones, there is a bright side, it is essential to have physical access to your machine to corrupt with malware and to know the code to unlock the home screen.

After completing this step, your spy will modify the source code of the phone system to install the malware.

To this end, it shall, in the case of iPhone, unleash ( "jailbreaking") the device to install the Cydia application, which can load programs not from the Apple App Store. From there, your calls and text messages are intercepted and forwarded to the attacker.

If your smartphone performs random reboots, sends text messages to unknown recipients or the battery runs out quickly without reason: your device belongs to you entirely.

It is probably infected with the Cydia application.

How to recover its entire device?

Again, the solution is even simpler.

After synchronizing with their computer to keep her photos and contacts, simply completely reset to original settings. This clears all content that is not original.

You must at all times protect access to your smartphone with a code, change the code regularly and, of course, not give it to anybody, not even your spouse.

To give you an idea of ​​how easy it can be hacked a computer, simply type these four words in a search engine "how to spy on his wife."

Unlike smartphones, the most astute know infiltrate and install a remote malicious program without physical access to your system.

To discover the habits of his unfaithful spouse or to steal industrial secrets, the recipe remains essentially the same.

Attention to the abuse of language: tracking software installed by a company in the computers of its employees is not spyware. This is perfectly legal software and registered in the employee-employer agreement.

More annoying, adware that are installed in your Internet browser used to know your shopping habits and show pubs.

Finally, malware or spyware are so numerous that it is difficult to list them because of versions and their rapid evolution.

How to know?
A hacker or spyware has a specific task depending on the purpose and desired by the hacker information. It does not spy spouse or a "friend" with the same program used by a secret organization.

Journalists in conflict zones survey, for example, appeal to the Detekt software, developed by Claudio Guarnieri, a German computer scientist specializing in security issues in collaboration with various organizations and foundations dedicated to privacy.

By performing a thorough analysis of the computer, Detekt can alert the owner to the presence of spyware. It remains that the result is not 100% guaranteed. The expert help may be needed. Detekt is offered on Windows.

Closer to you, when confidential information can be found in the public sphere, the first thing to suspect your computer. A suspicious spouse, for example, can have inserted a malicious program to store all email messages and by recording everything you type as passwords.

If this is the case, the first thing to do is to open up new email accounts on a secure system or a new computer. No need to open them on the infected computer, the result will be the same.

You can also open web email accounts with email names and information that are not like you.

Activate the built-in firewall of the operating system. The router should also be enabled.

Install antivirus software with the latest updates and do examine your system offline, without an Internet connection.

However, methods for removing spyware are not infallible. Such software can detect attempts to bypass Skidding and take measures.

At this point, the best thing to do is to just see a specialist.

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