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"March against Fear" canceled

"March against Fear" canceled

The crowd should continue to flock Sunday in a square in Brussels turned into memorial despite the cancellation of a "march against fear", following the indictment of a suspect who could be the third man in the attack against the airport of the Belgian capital.

While tracking down jihadist network behind the attacks of Brussels and Paris continues, the authorities invoked Saturday of "security" to request the postponement of a "few weeks" walking, four days after the attacks the deadliest since 1945 in Belgium.

The organizers, who wanted to "show those who want to get on our knees as we remain standing," acquiesced.

Many Belgians meet daily since Tuesday Place de la Bourse, in the heart of the capital. Candles, flowers and small words written in chalk on the pavement have turned the place into a memorial.

The investigation into the suicide bombing at the airport and in the Brussels metro, which made March 22, according to a new report, 31 dead and 340 wounded, including 62 still in intensive care, had an important step forward Saturday a first suspect, Faisal C., arrested Thursday, was charged with "terrorist murder," announced the federal prosecution.

This is according to a source close to the investigation, Faisal Cheffou, independent journalist who claimed in a video posted in 2014.

Investigators have they got hold of "the man in the hat 'spotted Tuesday near both the airport bombers? It is a "hypothesis", according to a source close to the investigation, pending positive identification.

This man had arrived at the airport Tuesday morning to suicide bombers Ibrahim El Bakraoui and Najim Laachraoui, both linked to the Paris attacks of November 13, the deadliest ever committed in France (130 dead), which have been claimed - like those Brussels - by the Islamic State group (EI).

According to investigators, "the man in the hat" had "left a large bag" containing "the most important explosive charge" before leaving the airport. But the bomb did not explode.

The structure of the airport remained "stable" despite the double suicide, but nevertheless will remain closed at least until Tuesday, authorities said.

Saturday night, several Italian media quoted police also announced the arrest in the south, at the request of the Belgian courts, an Algerian, Jamal Eddin Wali, as part of an investigation into forged documents used by suicide bombers from Paris and Brussels.

Another unidentified suspect is still wanted. He was seen with a bag near the kamikaze Brussels metro, Khalid El Bakraoui, younger Ibrahim.

With more than thirty men dead or arrested, the official network of the killings of Paris and Brussels "is about to be destroyed," assured Friday, French President Francois Hollande, however, preventing that "there other networks ".

France says indeed have foiled a planned attack "an advanced stage" stopping Thursday Kriket French Reda, a former robber 34 years. Weapons and explosives were found in an apartment in the Paris suburbs after his arrest.

Again, the French and Belgian jihadist movements appear to be nested into one. Kriket was sentenced in absentia last year in Belgium in the trial of a jihadist sector to Syria, one of the main defendants was none other than the Belgian Abdelhamid Abaaoud figure Francophone jihadists IE and one of the suspected organizers of November 13.

Rabah N., arrested Friday in Brussels in the Franco-Belgian investigation into the other network, was also charged by the Belgian courts for "participation in a terrorist group."

While Belgian authorities are strongly criticized for not having done everything to arrest the suspects before they act, the French and Belgian investigators expect many Salah Abdeslam to do as promised "full light" on these networks . Key suspect of November 13, arrested in Brussels after more than four months on the run to the nose and the beard of the Belgian police, he first pretended to cooperate by minimizing its role, before wall in silence.

Meanwhile, the difficult work of identifying victims - forty nationalities in total - continues. 24 deceased were identified at this stage, including 11 foreign nationals from eight nationalities, said Saturday the Belgian courts. Among them are at least two Americans (some are missing), three Dutch, one French, one Briton and a Swede.

And Saturday night, the French rocker Johnny Hallyday has electrified Brussels for a concert sold out, high security and broadcast live in more than 150 cinemas in France and Belgium. Title of his tour: "Staying alive".

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