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Homicides in Montreal: a fragile lull

Homicides in Montreal: a fragile lull

In nearly three months this year, only one murder occurred in Montreal. This situation arises in part of operations against organized crime.

This figure is exceptional when compared to previous years.

The beginning of the year to March 27, 2013, there were seven murders. Over the same period in 2014, four, and last year, eight.

Maria Mourani, criminologist expert in street gangs and organized crime, said that the decapitation of criminal organizations with a major police operation in mid-November in part this lull.

"It always takes a little time before people fill the void, but we can not talk about destabilization," she says.

A fragile calm, so that could be broken as soon as the power struggles between the various criminal organizations in the metropolis resume, she added.

Do not forget that in recent weeks, an influential member of the Montreal Mafia was assassinated, but in Laval that Lorenzo Giordano fell under the bullets of a killer.

Domestic violence

The SPVM also mentioned that zero tolerance on domestic violence could also explain the low rate of homicide in the city.

Overall, the crime rate has been declining steadily since 1990 in Quebec. This phenomenon is partly explained by the aging population and advances in investigative techniques.

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