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Featured on YouTube, she published a book

Featured on YouTube, she published a book

Ina Mihalache, Montrealer living in Paris, was a great success in France with his YouTube channel humorous videos, "SolangeTeParle". Its capsules have developed into a book published recently in Quebec.

"This book is a kind of bible SolangeTeParle" says Ina Mihalache, passing this week in Montreal.

"I liked the idea that it is a tool for sharing with another audience: I feel that I have a public to whom I could please, but that did not used to go on social networks or YouTube, and may be more comfortable with this medium there. "

The book "Solange talking to you" was published in January in France and Quebec. It comes with a movie, "Solange and live" cinema since March 9 in France: the feature film will be presented in Quebec, but the release date has not yet been revealed.

Solange, for those who do not yet know, is a young woman unsuited to living in society, who shares his thoughts and advice on everyday in video capsules themes. The tone is comic and absurd.

For nearly five years, Ina Mihalache interprets this character loosely based on herself, realizing A to Z these successful clips. '' 'I am sore and fuck you' 'and' 'To say I love you' 'were viral videos; early 2014, I was still 5,000 subscribers and am now at over 180,000, "she says.

Daughter of a Romanian immigrant and a Quebecker, which has long "fantasized France" before joining her there nearly 12 years, believes his videos offer "something meditative": "It is not of laughter is the smile is reflection, it's a bit philosophical. "

Ina Mihalache followed the Course Florent, great French theater school in Paris, before failing four times to input hearings at the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art of Paris, between 2006 and 2009: "I did not know what make myself, I had a great need for artistic expression, but I felt inadequate because I had no network and no desire to create, I was not the combative kind that will canvass agents and casting directors. "

A questioning period follows for the original Montreal, which carries video art. Create "Solange" will be a way to "claim maladjustment" and assume its "right to difference and loneliness."

"I can not do like the others, I do not like the idea of ​​having to conform to a system, I said:" It will be a character like that, inadequate, alone, with my camera, my body, my apartment, and daily problems. ' "

The first "media boom" as she calls it, takes place in 2012: the French newspapers are interested in the phenomenon, and Ina Mihalache makes a series of radio spots on France Inter.

His popularity in France does not forget to Ina Mihalache its Quebec roots: last November she published the video "Quebecers for Dummies," Solange small guide for visiting French in Quebec. She says that having decided to lose his Quebecois accent is again "its right to difference, freedom" and does not rule out returning to Quebec where she told curious work.

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