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Formalin chicken and olives repainted ...

Formalin chicken and olives repainted ...

Chicken intestines of formalin, olives brushed copper sulfate, monkey meat: more than 10 000 tonnes of adulterated or counterfeit food were seized in 57 countries during a joint operation by Interpol and Europol.

This operation "Opson V" is a record amount of seized material, said Wednesday the international police organization in a statement. Last year, "Opson IV" had resulted in the seizure of 2,500 tons counterfeit foods.

Several arrests were conducted worldwide and investigations are continuing, Interpol added, without specifying the number.

Nearly nine tons of contaminated by fertilizers sugar have been seized in Khartoum (Sudan). In Italy, the police got hold of 85 tons of olives "painted" by a copper sulfate solution to beautify their appearance, tells Interpol, headquartered in Lyon.

In Thailand, the police was able to climb a die during the arrest of a person who was carrying four tons of illegally imported meat from India. Investigators were able to destroy more then 30 tons of beef meat and buffalo unfit for consumption that were to be sold in supermarkets.

Customs Zaventem airport in Belgium have discovered several kilograms of monkey meat, while in France several kilos of locusts and caterpillars were seized.

Among the many examples cited in the statement, Interpol reports the seizure, Indonesia, 70 kg of chicken intestine in formalin, normally banned in food additives.

Launched for the first time in 2011, operations "Opson" have evolved to gradually involve sixty countries worldwide.

"The food and adulterated and low quality drinks are a real threat to health and safety," said Michael Ellis, Head of Unit dedicated to the fight against illicit traffic of goods within Interpol, cited in the statement.

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