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John was among the most magical all - Luc Lavoie

John was among the most magical all - Luc Lavoie

Political analyst Luc Lavoie paid tribute to Jean Lapierre in the aftermath of the plane crash of the latter in Iles-de-la-Madeleine.

In an interview with The Awe Times, he said hit by the wave of reactions from the public since the announcement of the news.

"I think it would be completely reversed, said Lavoie. There was a connection between John and the people I've hardly ever seen. so we recognize in him."

Luc Lavoie said with a smile that he sometimes had to restrain himself from laughing at the television and heard the extent of his colorful expressions.

"Beyond the entertainer John had an amazing instinct, he argued. He understood how humans would behave in the political game."

"The greatest politicians are always people who love others. John was the most magical of all, "said Luc Lavoie.

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